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“They Just Have A Few Bad Apples” – Naomi Osaka Reemphasizes Her Love For Japan

Published 06/14/2020, 9:24 AM EDT

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Naomi Osaka has been one of the most vocal tennis players ever since the unfortunate demise of George Floyd that led to widespread protests in the USA. Recently, she had altercations with the people from Japan as well.

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The purpose was to obviously showcase that the problem was not just one specific to the USA. It actually existed within many countries including Japan. However, Osaka clarified in a recent tweet that all Japanese people were not similar.

Even though there might be some who hold ill-will towards people of color, the vast majority was really empathetic. She conveyed this sentiment through her Twitter account. Let’s find out what she had to say.


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What did Naomi Osaka say?

Naomi Osaka referred to them as few bad apples. That’s because they are less in number.

“I know I’ve been attacking a lot of racist Japanese tweets the last few days, but Japan is actually a really amazing place. I really don’t want to give the misconception that the entire country is racist, they just have a few bad apples like everyone else. Love you guys.”


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That’s an important point that she has highlighted. The nature of social media is such that people tend to make generalizations. Especially Asian people, who already face a lot of stereotypes, are affected by this in the worst manner.

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Naomi Osaka just showed the correct manner to make constructive criticism. You can call out wrong behavior without making that about the person’s community or his entire country. That’s the sort of thing that leads to more conflicts and disagreements.

People actually need more voices of reconciliation in today’s times than those of discord. A healing society requires its celebrities to step up and make the right choices for peace. The example of Naomi Osaka is certainly one that all people can follow as well as adhere to when engaging in intense online discussions.



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