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“They Were Forced to Find a Date” – Lucas Pouille Defends French Open Decision

“They Were Forced to Find a Date” – Lucas Pouille Defends French Open Decision

The coronavirus pandemic has truly crippled the tennis season, forcing officials to either suspend or outright cancel events. Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed until the next year, while reports suggest that the Wimbledon cancelation will be announced this week. The French Open was officially postponed to the month of September, and Lucas Pouille is all for it.

The COVID-19 situation has only worsened during the course of this month, putting the season at risk of further suspension. Any tennis we get to watch this year would be an absolute bonus in my opinion. Lucas Pouille agrees with me on that front.

“It will be weird but the most important thing is that Roland-Garros is happening. It would be sad to live a year without seeing it and I am happy that the leaders have made this decision. For me and for the sponsors, it is also important. I really hope it will happen.”

Not everyone was happy with the decision taken by the French officials. Many felt they sucker-punched other events in order to survive. That may well be true, but I believe that any Major should be prioritized over other events (read Laver Cup).

“Most Important is health” – Lucas Pouille

In a year where we could witness the least amount of tennis being played, it would be nothing short of a godsend if we get any of the remaining Majors.

Lucas Pouille even addressed the fact that many players on Tour have complained about the incident. His justifications do make sense to me.

“I know that some players complained a little, but they (Roland Garros officials) were forced to try to find a date. Already that the whole clay season has been canceled. Wimbledon is poised for a postponement and at the moment the Olympics are canceled.”

Having said all that, the Frenchman also knows that sports are not the top priority in the current atmosphere.

“I realize the most important is the health of all. Sport must be put aside like all these great events until the day when we are all safe.”

It is good to know the players have an outlook prioritizing the health of the public rather than worrying about sporting events.

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