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“They’re Just Too Serious” – Stefanos Tsitsipas Talks About the Bitter Truth of Tennis

“They’re Just Too Serious” – Stefanos Tsitsipas Talks About the Bitter Truth of Tennis

In recent years, we have seen Greek star Stefanos Tsitsipas rise up on the ATP Tour. He has beaten many top players like the ‘Big 3’ and in addition to that, he has also won some big titles like the ATP Finals. He loves to play tennis but he has just admitted that the sport is not perfect.

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“Tennis Is A Very Introverted Sport ” – Stefanos Tsitsipas

In a recent talk with Behind The Racquet, Stefanos Tsitsipas talked about many things. One of those things was about how tennis is not a perfect sport and how it affected him. He said,

“Tennis is a very introverted sport and we face everything alone. We have a team that follows us all over the world but I have spent countless sleepless nights on my own. All the traveling and competing causes a lot of stress and I grew very lonely.⁣⁣”

The Greek star went on to talk about how other players on the ATP Tour are. He felt that he would make friends on Tour but it, unfortunately, did not happen. He said,

“I was an introverted child and didn’t have many friends. When I started playing on tour, I thought I would develop friendships but it turned out to be the opposite. Most players keep to themselves. I feel like players don’t want to become friends because they think someone will grab a secret from you to beat you. I guess they’re just too serious about the whole thing. Friends would make traveling less lonely.⁣⁣”

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Despite such problems that he faces in tennis, Stefanos Tsitsipas still loves the sport. That is why he is playing it and he is playing it very well. He has established himself as a NextGen player and many are expecting him to win Grand Slams soon.

The Greek star’s first opportunity to do this will come at the US Open. He has not confirmed his participation at the event but hopefully, he will, and more importantly, win the title.

Source: Behind The Racquet Instagram

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