“They’re Scared Of The Fall I Know I’m Not Gonna Fall”-Colby Covington On Dana White Situsation

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Colby Covington and his relationship with UFC President Dana White has been on shaky ground. However, the fighter has now tried to make amends, to strengthen his ties with the boss.

Colby Covington last fought at UFC 245. He went up against and lost to Kamaru Usman. It was his attempt at getting his hands on the welterweight belt, but he couldn’t see this plan through. Kamaru walked out victorious, and Colby Covington started playing the blame game with Dana White.

This loss forced Covington to start over with a clean slate and work his way up the roster. He hasn’t competed since UFC 245 due to a broken jaw injury that he suffered at the hands of Usman. Of late, Covington has been involved in a heated rivalry with Tyron Woodley. The due have exchanged a lot of words and trash talk over social media, calling each other out on several occasions.

Recently, the pair was supposed to be a last-minute fight to fill in for UFC 249. But that event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So once this all settles down is probably when we get to see Covington in action next.

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Colby Covington to make amends

In the meantime, Colby Covington is making efforts to stabilize his turbulent relationship with his boss, Dana White. This comes after multiple missed title shot opportunities and tough negotiations between him and Dana White.
Colby Covington, speaking to MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck, said, “It’s getting better. He understands what I’m doing. He understands the business that I bring to this company and I put myself out there. Not a lot of these fighters want to put themselves out there because they’re scared of the fall. I know I’m not gonna fall. I know I’m the best and I’m willing to put it all on the line, and I’m willing to make it exciting and entertaining because that’s what it’s all about.”

Covington said whatever he does is for the business and the fans. He said, ”This is an entertainment show business. I want to make it exciting for the fans. I want to give them some hope, some inspiration, and that’s why I do what I do.”

Only Dana White and time can tell us how effective have Covington’s efforts to reinstate this relation been.

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