This Among Us Mod Helps Imposters Hide Bodies After Kills

December 22, 2020 12:26 am

Every Among Us mod available for play offers a unique take on the already popular game. The last one that gained immense popularity was the proximity chat mod, a few weeks ago. It allowed players to voice chat while performing tasks on the ship, inside an enclosed green circle. However, a new mod has surfaced and this might be the new Among Us rage.

Popular Among Us YouTuber Socksfor1, was one of the first people to enjoy this mod. In it, the imposter can kill and drag the body with him/her to wherever they want on the map.

At one time, an imposter can only drag one body. It might seem a bit idiotic to run around the ship with a body by your side because the crewmates will automatically know who the imposter is. However, with the correct timing and map knowledge, big IQ plays are possible.

Imposters also have the ability to vent with a body in this mod. However, both the player and the body don’t vent at the same time. It is the body first and then the player. So when imposters come out of a vent, it is a two-step process. First, the body shows up, and then the player appears.

Imposters can use this process to confuse the crewmates. They will see the body appear from the vent but cannot report it. The only remaining move is to find where the imposter is dumping the bodies or call an emergency meeting.

And we all know what happens when crewmates rush to press the emergency button.

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How to be the perfect imposter in this Among Us mod?

Socksfor1 pulled off some great plays as an imposter in this mod. In his first game as the evil embodiment on the ship, he co-operated with his partner in crime and pulled off a great imposter show.

Both of them killed anybody that passed the MedBay corridor or entered the room. After killing them, the bodies were dragged and dropped right in the corner end of MedBay. Therefore, none of the crewmates suspected anybody because no bodies could be seen.

They went on doing their tasks while both the imposters just killed and dumped crewmates. The game ended rapidly in favor of the imposters and without a single meeting being conducted.

Another tip to be a good imposter on this mod would be to execute double kills, co-operating with the fellow imposter, so that if someone becomes a witness to a crime, they do not have time to report.

Also, if you are piling bodies in a single room, one imposter can stand guard while the other finishes the job. They can take turns to while away their kill cooldown.

This mod is not available for the public just yet. However, we hope the creator releases it soon, just like with the proximity chat mod.

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