This Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Allows Access Anywhere Inside Night City

January 6, 2021 1:27 am

Cyberpunk 2077 went from being the most hyped game of 2020 to the biggest dud in gaming history. Upon release, the game was unplayable on PS4 and Xbox One. Furthermore, even with high PC specifications, players reported multiple glitches and broken game mechanics.

However, the game has multiple mods already available online. These mods are third party inclusion to the game’s environment, and they tweak its open-world settings.

While some mods attempted to fix a broken game, others were created just for fun. There is even a mod that allows male V’s to have an altogether new romance option in the game.

Another one allows players to re-shade the visuals in the game. This mod fixes the lights and shadows, and attempts to replicate ‘True HDR’.

However, a new mod was published some time ago that will allow players to teleport inside Night City. Once it is made to work, players can travel into spaces that the game normally doesn’t allow. This includes locked doors and walls.

This one requires another mod installed to work properly, called the Cyber Engine Tweaks. Teleport FWD – Lockdoorsnomore mod had over 1200 downloads and close to 7500 views. The provided description for this mod says,

Lua Script to be installed with cyber-engine-tweaks for a small teleport through walls and doors to access hidden or inaccessible areas of the game.”

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Steps to install the mod for Cyberpunk 2077

The steps given below are from the original site from where this mod was made public.

NEW : For binds on 5,6,7 or U | extract the either of the below folders to the mods folder not the scripts folder.
Cyberpunk 2077 \bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods

Teleport Fwd – 567 (all binds can be held for fast travel)
5 – Teleports player short distance direction they are facing.
6 – Teleports player longer distance direction they are facing – can also travel with car through gates.
7 – Teleports player into the sky from where you can spam 5/6 to travel distance onto buildings or traverse map.

Teleport Fwd – U (all binds can be held for fast travel)
U – Teleports player short distance , basically Unlocking doors or shops previously inaccessible.
If these Error spam console — looking into it, for now clear input stops them spamming console. (think this is to-do with the init.lua files)

Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 is in shambles and nothing of major interest has been found by any player, even with the use of this mod. One ironic fact about Night City is that it has an awful amount of locked doors even though it is an open-world game.

Here’s hoping at least one of the doors will open to reveal something of acute interest with this new mod.

Avhinandan Chakraborty

Avhinandan Chakraborty is an eSports writer at EssentiallySports. He started gaming at an early age only to be told by his parents that he would ruin his eyesight and studies if he persisted. Now, he has a ruined eyesight as foretold but manages to write about games better than he can play them.

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