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“This game has been my entire life for the last two and a half years” Ninja Speaks About Reshaping Fortnite

“This game has been my entire life for the last two and a half years” Ninja Speaks About Reshaping Fortnite

SypherPK said a few things about Fortnite the other day on his stream. Genuine enough as it resonated throughout the gaming community. An opinion backed by several different perspectives becomes a fact. The game has indeed become stale now, and earlier, it was not like this.

Ninja tweeted a video where he chimed in with SypherPK’s ideas. “Wow, SypherPK’s most recent video really hits hard. I love Fortnite so much and really wanna see the game thrive again“, said Ninja. Even he agrees that Fortnite has lost the fun aspect – both from a casual and competitive perspective. Ninja spoke about how he would like to reshape the entire game dynamics to make Fortnite happening again. The recent #ripfortnite trending topic made these pro gamers address this issue. 

What Is Going Wrong With Fortnite?

Epic Games have stopped paying attention to the lack of communication between pro gamers and developers. Ninja clearly sadi few things which can help the game thrive again. Epic BR stayed on top since it came out, and though it has seen bad days, not as bad as this, though. He said, “bring back the goofy gameplay.” It is accurate, and even the non-competitive rounds are extremely competitive thee days. He definitely has a point here. 

“Maybe more players in regular games…more skillful weapons”, said Ninja. SypherPK’s video really appealed to the pros. The fact is, this awareness needs to be spread and communicated with the developers. “This game has been a part of my life for the last two, two and a half years,” said Ninja. This game has healthily united people, and we gamers do not want to see it perish like this. Skill-based matchmaking, as well as stream-sniping, has been one of the significant issues. Even the current map is quite big compared to the old one.

“I would like to see some more communication from Epic as well.”

Honestly, the pro’s are doing their part, and they are communicating the problems. Its time for Epic Games to respond. This game changed BR format forever, and it’s sad to see its current state. We can only hope that Epic Games will come up with a possible solution to bring back Fortnite’s former glory.

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