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“This game is terrible!”- Clix Rips Apart Fortnite For Not Giving ‘A sh** About The Game’

“This game is terrible!”- Clix Rips Apart Fortnite For Not Giving ‘A sh** About The Game’

Fortnite player Clix’s official Twitter account shared a video on the 12th of April, 2020 with the caption “I couldn’t agree more”. The video is 1:27 long where he complains about the current state of Epic Games free-to-play BR Fortnite meanwhile #ripfortnite started trending on Twitter earlier in the day.


Clix is calling them out by putting up allegations against the developers of Fortnite considering the current plight of the game. Which regularly used to top twitch viewership charts until recent weeks. He also spoke about the difference in prize-pool money for the West. Claiming that Epic Games is now trying to focus more on casual players

What Were The Key Problems He Mentioned

He mentioned that Epic games’ have not introduced any new patches or events, thus limiting the in-game content. The game which once delivered fun made most of the fanbase/influencers/competitive players return to the game every day. It made them want to keep grinding daily such was the game’s meta in its golden days.  Right now that feeling polarized negatively against the game making competitive players/influencers/fanbase not wanting to get online and play Fortnite.

He further complained about the lagging servers. He stated that he got hit for 20 shield damage and then got ‘W’ key-ed (this means he got rushed and killed) by his opponent. This highlights the imbalance in adjustments caused by cross-platform play, He feels console players have an unfair advantage to PC players.

Are The Pros Unhappy Because Of Miscommunication with the Developers Of Fortnite?

He further complained about weapon adjustments (nerfed or buffed) for some in-game weapons, the heavy sniper being one of them. Epic recently also changed the gaming engine, which he feels is shittier than the previous one. The arrival of the Unreal Engine Chaos Physics framework was a long way from smooth. It presented various bugs that are as yet tormenting the game.

There is clearly a lack of communication between the Fortnite player base and Epic developers. Some competitive gamers like Clix himself feel there’s a lack of concern shown towards them. He further added that Epic have made enough money off the game to not even care for advertising for the Chance the rapper event yesterday as most people probably didn’t hear about something of that sort happening in the game.

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