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This is what the LA Lakers offered D’Angelo Russell During Offseason

This is what the LA Lakers offered D’Angelo Russell During Offseason

The Lakers is currently a team that could win the NBA Championship this season, especially with stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This was, however, close to converting to a “Big Three” with D’Angelo Russell joining the other 2 All-Stars. When the ex Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant decided that he want to sign his new deal with the Brooklyn Nets, they had to get rid of D’Angelo Russell.

He was a restrained free agent. This meant that the Nets had an opportunity to equal any offer that came in from any other teams. According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, there were two teams who were ready to bid more than a 100 million dollars for Russell- LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Russell only wanted serious bidders and, sources say, he had three: The Lakers — wouldn’t that have been quite the reunion? — nearing a potential $100 million offer but in limbo, until Kawhi Leonard made his choice, the Wolves, up over $100 million but still needing to create cap room to get to his max, and the Warriors, offering the full max in a complicated sign-and-trade involving Durant,” quoted Anthony Slater.

Would the Lakers be better with D’Angelo Russell?

This union of Russell and the Lakers would have been one to look forward to. The Lakers selected him as their 2nd pick in the NBA Draft 2015. Although, he was traded to Brooklyn Nets.

Russell earned his first All-Star Game appearance last season following his season with Brooklyn. It is safe to say that Lakers do not regret not being able to sign Russell. They currently sit on the top of the Western Conference and the confidence of the players is absolutely booming.

Undoubtedly, Russell’s capacity to score would have been invaluable to stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James. With the Golden State Warriors, Russell is presently equating 22.0 points, 6.2 assists and 3.7 rebounds per game.

Despite receiving a lot of criticism at the time, it seems like the Lakers played the 2019 offseason perfectly. Alongside the two All-Stars, the bench, as well as role players, have performed really well for the Lakers. The veteran Dwight Howard and the youngster Alex Caruso have been performing really well for the Lakers.

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