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“This Was Just Blatant Racism!”- Daniel Cormier Recalls Horrifying Incident

“This Was Just Blatant Racism!”- Daniel Cormier Recalls Horrifying Incident

Daniel Cormier

As the USA continues to boil over the unfortunate passing of George Floyd, many people are taking to social media to help root out evil practices like racism by sharing personal experiences. On the same lines, Ariel Helwani asked Daniel Cormier about any racism that he has faced in his life. DC said:

“You know what’s so crazy man? I haven’t really dealt with it much. But it’s because even racist people are okay with you if you can entertain them. It’s the way it is.”


Surely, DC¬†today is a dynamic personality. However, he also shared that his prowess in wrestling ever since his college days kept racism at bay. Whether it be the few years that he stayed in Colby, Kansas, or his stint at Stillwater, Oklahoma, people didn’t subject Cormier to direct racism because he was one of the best wrestlers around.

Nevertheless, those around him did not enjoy the same fate.

Daniel Cormier shares the wicked experience of a loved one

Even though Cormier is respected for the reputation he holds, his close family might not enjoy the same privileges.

“My sister dealt with this issue one time. It’s so sad man. This was just blatant racism. She was outside her house in Louisiana. I bought my mom a house in November. And there’s a big field of grass [beside the house]. My sister had the kids playing in it. And there’s a lady, different race, that told them not to be on the property and all that. My sister said, ‘Okay. I’m sorry.’ [She] tried to shake the lady’s hand. The lady said, ‘I don’t need to shake your hand.’

Daniel Cormier

DC said that his brother informed the lady that they planned on buying the property. Here’s what the lady said to DC’s brother upon hearing that:¬†“Can you guys even afford this.”

In response, DC revealed that his brother told the lady that while he couldn’t personally afford the property, his brother [DC] could. DC said,

“By the end of the conversation, the lady shakes my sister’s hand. But she blatantly refused to do it before because she figured that they were black. But also, that they were economically beneath her. Those things are happening today. This happened five months ago!”

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