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I Thought Kimi Would Say That – Verstappen

I Thought Kimi Would Say That – Verstappen

At the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max Verstappen finished the race in 3rd. However, it was not enough to snatch 3rd in the driver’s championship. Raikkonen had stopped on the track after a handful of laps and his final race for Ferrari was over far too quickly.

Verstappen had made a terrible start and dropped almost to the edge of the top 10. But then, he managed to recover and clawed his way back up the order. He even managed to barge past his nemesis, Esteban Ocon without any incident. The Dutchman found himself in 3rd and hunting down Sebastian Vettel.

But, by then, it was too late and he had to settle for the final podium spot. Later, in a post-race interview, Max was told that Raikkonen was disappointed that he didn’t push for 2nd. The Red Bull driver was quite perplexed until he was told that now Kimi would have to attend the gala in St. Petersburg.

Max guffawed and said, “I thought he would say that. I’m actually very happy that I’m 4th”

Afterwards, Raikkonen’s teammate, Sebastian Vettel caught up with Verstappen and had a nice exchange with him.

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