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Three Identified in Shooting Incident During Toronto Raptors Victory Parade

Three Identified in Shooting Incident During Toronto Raptors Victory Parade

When the Toronto Raptors sealed the NBA Championship, the fans turned up in the millions to celebrate. However, amid all the revelry, there were a couple of big incidents. As it turned out, in a part of the city, gunfire was heard and a few innocent people fell victim to it.

Now, following an investigation, the Toronto police released the names of three men who were arrested after the shootings. Of them, two of the accused were connected to the gunfire.

Shaquille Anthony Miller and Thaino Toussaint were charged with multiple firearms-related charges. Meanwhile, Abdikarim Kerow faced multiple charges owing to an earlier and unrelated incident.

However, according to the police, the hunt is on for a person of interest who left the scene of the crime. The suspect was described as white, male, 5’9″ to 6′ with short, light brown hair and a heavy build, wearing a white-button down shirt that day.

Toronto Raptors
The crowded streets in Toronto

Regarding the incident, 4 people escaped with non-life-threatening injuries after the shooting near city hall and Nathan Phillips Square. On that day, around one million people gathered downtown for a celebratory parade and rally in the Raptors’ honour.

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders revealed to the press that two suspects were arrested in connection with one shooting. The third accused was arrested in connection with the other.

However the investigations hit a snag as the two guns seized in the aftermath did not match the bullet casings at the scene. In other words, there was one more suspect and one more firearm involved in the crime.

Similarly, there were two stabbing incidents that claimed four more victims, long before the shooting. Shaquille Miller faces five weapons charges, inclusive of carrying a concealed weapon and unauthorised possession of a firearm. In addition to that, he also has one count of assault and two counts of failing to comply with probation.

Meanwhile, Toussaint was slapped with four weapons-related charges, two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Finally, Kerow faces 14 firearms charges and drug possession charges, for OxyContin and cocaine, for the purpose of trafficking. The police revealed that Kerow’s arrest was unrelated to the incidents at the Toronto Raptors celebrations.

Toronto Raptors fans gather to celebrate winning the NBA title
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