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Throwback: How A Trip To The Bathroom Got Dr Disrespect Banned from Twitch

Published 08/03/2020, 11:12 AM EDT

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2019 now seems way better considering how things drastically changed in 2020. No one predicted the global pandemic and everything that followed in the year. This surely makes 2019 look like it was a good year. But some things never change. For eg. Messi scoring 30+ goals every season, Xyp9x clutching a 1v3, Lewis Hamilton finishing first, and Dr Disrespect being banned from Twitch.

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The last one may be a little farfetched but there’s a good reason behind it. Dr Disrespect has always been the most outspoken, unabashed version of himself and that persona won him the ‘Streamer of the Year’ award twice. But his off-screen antics/controversies have not played out so well for him. One such example would be the E3 2019 after which Doc was banned from the event and Twitch. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see what happened.

Dr Disrespect and the E3 fiasco


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The stage was set for E3 2019 and it was Doc’s first time attending the event. E3 is a tech lover’s paradise because of all the crazy announcements that happen there. A lot of game companies also debut their games here. At this time Doc was already a huge name in the streaming industry and it was obvious that he would be invited to the event. But things didn’t go as planned.

Doc announced on twitter that he would stream live from the event and that this would be is first IRL stream.


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Clearly, this was an example of ‘posts that did not age well’. Moments after he started his stream, Doc decided to take a trip to the bathroom at the convention. He went in there, streamed for a few minutes, came out, and ended his stream.

A couple of hours later, his Twitch page disappeared. Everyone was baffled as to what happened, including Doc. It was later revealed that Doc was indeed banned from Twitch because he streamed from a bathroom. This went against Twitch Community Guidelines and also was a violation of the California state penal code 647 Section J. This section states that taking a camera into the bathroom is an invasion of privacy. That is not all. Doc was also barred from attending the E3 following that. Clearly, Doc didn’t know what he was doing at that point and he paid the price for it anyway.


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Doc is banned yet again

The ban was soon lifted but it was definitely an experience Doc would remember forever. But this happened only for him to be banned by Twitch again, a month ago. Only this time, there was no specific reason given for this ban. Everyone, including Doc, is still clueless (or so he claims) regarding the reason behind the ban.

Doc went MIA for almost a month following this fiasco and broke his silence after a month by speaking exclusively to a few publications. He has also teased a certain video called ‘Alleyways’ hinting towards something big coming our way. There is still no official word regarding this but considering it’s Doc, we could be in for a big surprise.


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Sources: Dr. Disrespect Twitter

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