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THROWBACK: Ludwig Gets Bamboozled by Hikaru’s Bot After Trying to Outplay Him

Published 04/17/2021, 1:28 PM EDT

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Ludwig Ahgren finally completed his month-long subathon that has propelled him to the top of Twitch. But that hasn’t stopped his fans from forgetting his past embarrassments in front of other creators. One of his most iconic moments involved a chess match with a bot, where he got outclassed because of his own mistake.


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Ludwig plays Chess GM Hikaru Nakamura’s bot

Ludwig is an excellent chess player, and he has often showcased his talent on the game by playing it on stream. He has also competed in multiple Pogchamps events where he placed well among other creators and celebrities. But his biggest test came against a Chess bot of American Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

Fans of the sport would recognize the five time American champion in a heartbeat. But recently he has streamed a lot on Twitch playing matches against other GMs or even online lobbies on different websites. Along with that, he has also commentated on the same Pogchamps tournament that Ludwig was a part of.


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This has allowed him to become popular among the general audience and also popularized the sport as well. So, for Ludwig, beating a bot that’s modeled after a legend of the game would have given him massive internet clout other creators don’t have.

Ahgren gets outclassed by bot

Going into the game, Ahgren knew that it will be tough for him to beat the bot of a highly talented Chess GM. But, still he got into an excellent position as white against Nakamura’s black. Soon, he felt optimistic about his chances to get an excellent result against the bot. So when he realized that it might have finally made a mistake, he felt ecstatic about taking the opposition’s Knight with his Rook. Along with that, he gloated about the fact that even legendary players like Hikaru can also make blunders.


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“He blundered, he blunders, oh gods do bleed, oh my bad.”

But when he took the Knight, Ludwig didn’t realize that he made the blunder. By moving the Rook, the other Knight took the C3 pawn, which opened up an opportunity to get the same Rook with its Bishop. Upon seeing the mistake, Ahgren finally realized his mistake and apologized to the Chess GM for thinking that he could outplay his bot.

“I would like to apologize, first and foremost to Hikaru.”


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It was hilarious to see Ludwig finally see the error of his ways in the most dramatic way possible. After thinking that he got the upper hand against a bot, a simple move from it destroyed his confidence.



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