Throwback: Swimming Legend Michael Phelps Has a Fanboy Moment With Novak Djokovic

July 5, 2020 6:28 pm

Novak Djokovic is known to be very humble. He gets along with other sportspersons well. The World No.1 keeps interacting and challenging the other stars. He has a lot of admirers.

Another admirer of Djokovic’s craft is ace swimmer Michael Phelps. The two met during the 2016 Rio Olympics and instantly had a friendship clicked. Phelps described it as a fanboy moment and loved Djokovic’s behavior. Back then, he met Djokovic for the first time.

“Novak Djokovic is super nice, super down to earth.” – Michael Phelps

“We ended up talking, talking about the event schedule. When he’s competing, I’m competing,” said Phelps as quoted by Yahoo Sports.

“He’s super nice, super down to earth. Easy to talk to. It was something that was cool to see. I’ve watched a lot of his matches on TV and he has obviously had a lot of epic ones.” he added

Seeing the two stars together would be any fan’s dream. Phelps is an Olympic legend, the most decorated olympian with 23 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Djokovic on the other hand is the world’s best tennis player. So hearing their story was nice.

When Djokovic arrived in Rio for the Olympics he was World No.1. He wanted to interact with other athletes. He wanted to have fun with other legends of other sports. Djokovic easily blended into the whole vibe of the Olympics games.

“We will have the chance to share our experiences with the best athletes of all sports, we will eat together, we will socialize, we will cherish these moments forever.” said the World No.1

This was in 2016, Djokovic still enlightens us with his goofy behavior. Recently Djokovic even challenged the NBA star LeBron James for a one on one match. Djokovic isn’t shy of silly challenges and that’s why he proudly holds the nickname of ‘Djoker’.

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Coming to 2020, Djokovic had a lot of issues with regards to the US Open and still hasn’t given any comment about his participation despite the US Open announcing revised rules and regulations. He might be assessing the situation and whether or not it’s safe enough to participate in the US.


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