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TIL: The F1 Australian GP Trophy has an Official Name

TIL: The F1 Australian GP Trophy has an Official Name

The trophy that is normally presented on the Australian GP podium strongly resembles a steering wheel. To be more specific is resembles the steering wheel of the 1959 Cooper-Climax T51, the same car that Sir Jack Brabham drove.

The Australian GP winner’s trophy has also been renamed in honour of Formula 1 legend Sir Jack Brabham. The legendary Australian died at the age of 88 on May 19, 2014.

Race organisers said the “Sir Jack Brabham Trophy” would be awarded each year to the winner of the Australian GP from 2015 onwards.

Brabham clinched three Drivers’ titles and remains the only man to have won in a car he built himself; the Brabham BT19.

As a further tribute, his name is emblazoned on the current trophy. To be precise, it is a laminated studded timber trim replica of the steering wheel from his Cooper Climax racing car. It was also the same vehicle he used to win his first F1 World Championship in 1959.

Jack Brabham
Sir Jack Brabham

The Australian was acclaimed as one of the sport’s most influential figures of all-time. His self-made team had several technological innovations that helped shape F1 and the man himself. He was also the first Formula One driver to be knighted for his  services to motorsport.

His wife Lady Brabham confessed that renaming the trophy was a touching gesture. She said, “I’ve been overwhelmed by the tributes that have poured in from around the globe. It’s been comforting to hear kind words from the likes of Jean Todt, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart to Alan Jones.”

“Jack would have been so very proud.”

Even Australian Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that was inspired by Brabham.

The man from Perth said, “What he achieved was incredible. Paying tribute to him each year with the Australian GP winner’s trophy is a fantastic way to celebrate this legend.

“It would be something very special to be able to lift that trophy.”

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