During the qualifying session of the Australian GP, Lewis Hamilton romped to pole position, his 84th overall. However, an interesting stat cropped up shortly after that. As it turns out, he has equalled the number of combined pole positions of every driver on the 2019 grid.

Currently, Sebastian Vettel is the second highest on 55 poles, followed by ex-Ferrari man Kimi Raikkonen on 18. Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas makes it 6 more and Daniel Ricciardo’s 3. Finally, F1 returnee, Robert Kubica and Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg have a pole each.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton has grabbed 84 poles

Lewis Hamilton has also cleared Michael Schumacher’s 68 pole tally by a country mile. The only milestones left are most wins and most world championship titles.

There is also very high chance of Hamilton having more poles than the rest of the grid combined in Bahrain. Hamilton’s pole ratio since driving for dominant Mercedes is now 48.3% (58/120).