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TIL: Sebastian Vettel Starred in a Music Video During his Red Bull Tenure

TIL: Sebastian Vettel Starred in a Music Video During his Red Bull Tenure

It is fairly well-known that Sebastian Vettel is quite a reserved driver and stays off social media. However, it was note-worthy that during his Red Bull days, he participated in numerous activities. Back in 2012, he was featured in a short film with Celina Jade, called Kung Fu with Vettel: Drive of the Dragon. In addition to that, he appeared in a pop video for a new track by Grammy-winning US R&B star Melanie Fiona.

As it turns out, Fiona is a protégé of rapper Jay-Z. The promo was shot on location in New Jersey back in June when Vettel tested the proposed New Jersey F1 Circuit. The 25-year-old German driver returned the favour by taking the RB star on a high-speed lap of the circuit.

The video for Fiona’s single Watch Me Work sees Sebastian Vettel playing a “modern-day James Dean” character. He drives around the city of New York with Fiona and her band. In the video, Vettel is at the wheel of a red Infiniti G37 convertible.

Commenting on the video, Vettel said: ‘It was a great experience to shoot a music video, and certainly very different to what I’m used to. But music is an inspiration to many and I’m very proud to have been part of this. I think the lyrics are quite fitting to what we can all do if we put our mind to it.’

Fiona added, ‘It’s not often you get the chance to be driven by an F1 World Champion and when the opportunity came up to have Seb driving me in the video, I was like, yes please! This is one of my favourite songs and one that I’ve been wanting to put out for a while so to have him involved was great.’

Apparently, It was the latest instalment in the Infiniti Inspired Performers series. In this series, the then Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber collaborated with big names from other fields of work.

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