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Tim Henman Says, Roger Federer Does Not Get The Credit For What He Does

Tim Henman Says, Roger Federer Does Not Get The Credit For What He Does

Roger Federer

The Swiss maestro, Roger Federer will be turning 38 in a week’s time, and after his crestfallen defeat at the Wimbledon Championships 2019, the former tennis ace from Britain, Tim Henman uttered that Federer might hit the sack in two more years time and hopefully by that time, he will add the missing attribute of Olympic gold to his CV.

“His attention into detail into his training, his practice, his injury prevention, his schedule, and his matches is incredible,” Henman said while complimenting Roger Federer. “And I think sometimes he does not get almost the credit he deserves because he makes it look so easy,” Henman continued.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer and Tim Henman

The poetry in motion style tennis from Federer seems effortless on the court, additionally, it is enriched by his natural dexterity. Despite having all the caliber, the Swiss maestro toils to bring perfection in every single aspect of his game. Even during the times when he was on the path of utter domination in the sport, Roger Federer stepped every day on the practice courts with a notion to improve his game.

“He has a good physique that does not put much pressure on his joints, he has a great movement, he has got so much balance that people think it’s natural, a god-given talent and he does have enormous talent but he works as hard as anyone else at and improving all those attributes.”

Henman also mentioned the differences which the greatest tennis rivalries, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal possess. The aggressive Spaniard continues to have an unwavering form on the professional courts and the graceful Swiss legend has outshone Nadal six times in their past seven meetings.

Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

“I can imagine that Nadal, who is a great tėnnis fighter, has always looked for the challenge of solving problems. And I think that with Roger, it’s the same thing. Maybe they each have their philosophy about how to solve the problem. Roger always needs to feel something positive, he always needs to feel the opening up of a possibility, a path, a solution.”

World Number two, Rafael Nadal will be playing the Rogers Cup 2019 in Montreal and World Number three, Roger Federer will be seen action at Cincinnati Open 2019 and the Swiss has begun with his hard-court practice sessions.


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