‘I Kissed Her for The First Time’ : Roger Federer


Often when we look back on our lives there are memories that just stick out. For Roger Federer, the most painful memory turns out to be the sweetest one as well. In a candid and exclusive interview with L’Equipe, Roger Federer shared some of his memories that stuck out in his life.

Federer was asked if he remembered any particular shots from a match that he still revisits. Federer said, “One is the backhand down the line with which I saved the match point to Nadal in the fourth set of 2008 Wimbledon final. Not for the shot itself but for the importance that it had on the match as it allowed me to go to the fifth set and make the match an epic one”


The second shot might not be known to many, because it was not against one of the prominent names on the tour. “The second point that I remember is the tweener against Dabul at the 2010 US Open“, continued Federer. “It was a beautiful shot, a difficult one because I was so far away from the net.”


Surprisingly Federer’s most painful loss is not what many might have guessed. If you guessed the Wimbledon 2008 final you are wrong. If you guessed the 2009 final of the Australian Open where Federer had cried mid-way through his speech-well you are still wrong. “In 2000 I was really sad after losing to Haas at the Sydney Olympics”, said Federer. “When I lost, I went into a corner like a kid. I could not stop crying. That loss marked me.”

“The day after I had to play for the bronze against Di Pasquale but I was crying and crying. That was the day I met with Mirka and I kissed her for the first time”, added the Australian Open champion. Roger and Mirka have been married together since 2009 and they have four kids in their family.



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