Tips On How To Play Soccer While Lacking Resources

Published 10/28/2019, 6:30 AM EDT

Although soccer is a sport that is well-liked for everyone from young to old, not everyone can play it with full capacity. This article will show you how to enjoy it while missing here and there.


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Association football, or soccer, is a sport that has root from a long time ago. After years of refinement and evolution, it became a sport that we know as today and over 250 million people all around the world enjoy it.

However, sometimes, we do not have enough resources to host a proper game, like missing goal post, uniform, players, etc.


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So here a few tips that can be used to enjoy soccer to it is fullest while lacking equipment. 

First of all, what is soccer?

As we have mentioned a bit before, the sport is derived from a game in ancient time. Modern soccer is a team sport that is consist of 2 teams fights over a ball to guide it into the goal line of the opposing team. You will have to use every part of your body except your hands and arms to do it; goalkeepers are an exception to this, however.

One team should have 11 players as maximum, including the goalkeeper. While in a game, players must not deliberately cause injury to other players, as it would be unsportsmanlike conduct.

Because of it, a referee is needed on the field to control the situation and prevent arguments from both sides. The referee must be neutral and no playing favorite to either team.


There are also many more rule that is written on a soccer guideline that available on the Internet. You can search it yourself as there are thousands of recommended options in the Internet.

So what can we do to enjoy the sport while lacking resource?

Renting a field

This is the most simple solution if we cannot prepare the equipment by ourselves. Many soccer clubs have playgrounds for rent, including other gadgets for the game. While you can play on a concrete ground, a grass field is always better as it will lessen the risk of injuring yourself.

Of course, this method is costly, and some people don’t have the capital for it. Moreover, it makes less sense to rent a field if you only play a small game with a small group of friends.

Using replacement for a goalpost

A goal is a must for a soccer game, but we cannot produce a steel goal post with a net on the fly. That is why we need to use a replacement.

Using a bag, bricks, stones, etc. or anything easy to spot as a goal post. Make sure to put two so that it will make a goal line and of course, prepare for both teams. While it is suitable as a goal, we will have a hard time to decide if it is a goal on a high ball because we do not have a horizontal goal post like the official one.

Replacement for the official soccer ball

This is also a crucial resource for soccer; we cannot even start playing if we lack a ball. Usually, an official soccer ball is made of synthetic leather, which allows the ball to be heavy and soft on the surface to lessen the impact. Of course, a strong shot to the face still makes your nose bleed.

The ball can be bought with a reasonable price, but it still cost quite a bit, especially for more unfortunate people. There is a cheaper ball made of plastic, which is quite light but less durable, available for purchase. It will be harder to control and will be deformed if you kick it too hard.

You can even make one by yourself if you know how. Here is one example of a homemade soccer ball:

Having an odd number for the games

Of course, if your circle of friends is the only players, there will be a time you will lack one person or an extra person that want to join. You can play the game with a team having a handicap, but it won’t be fair.

So there is some temporary solution for this. One is having the extra person to become a referee, to make the total number for the game become even. That person can play in the next match while someone else will replace him/her.

Two, you can continue the game with a handicap. There should be some better players while other is not very good at it. Give one team two of the below average players and the other a better one. However, this method will need lots of adjustment and can spark discontent to either side.

Having a game with two

While the minimum for a team should be 3 or 4 players, you can still enjoy the sport with only two people. Of course, there will be some changes.

There will be no goalkeepers as a whole team is consist of one player. You cannot expect using your hands to bring the ball to the opponent’s goal, right? It wouldn’t be soccer any longer.

The one player on each team needs to play on both positions, defense, and offense. They will need to utilize their skill to guide the ball to the goal. This method is excellent for those who wish to polish their dribbling, shooting, faking abilities while enjoying the sport with their friends.

Using color cloths or cheap tank tops to identify team

A proper team must have a uniform of their own. However, this does not apply to everybody as it requires a significant investment. Fortunately, there are other ways to split the team with a small cost.

One is you can use color cloths, make sure it the same color, and tie it on your shoulder or head, so that people can recognize you during the heat of the game. But it is not guaranteed as it will sometimes fall off mid-game.

Another great solution is to buy cheap tank tops with the same plain color for one team. It will cost a bit more but it should be still reasonable.


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While there are more minor tips to fulfill any lacking resources or missing equipment, these are the common one and can solve some of the problem faced by many people.

With it, you can enjoy the sport without the need for a grand field, a good soccer ball, or any of the luxury of professional soccer players can get.


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One more important thing is that soccer is not only a “sport” but also a “game.” So you should have fun with it like when you do your hobbies. No hard feeling when you lose because there will always have a winner and a loser in one soccer games.


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