“To Beat Roger Federer You Have To Be At Your Max, This Doesn’t Change” – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have had many classics over the years. Their Wimbledon finals bout is still one of the most talked-about matches in tennis history. However, the semi-final of Roland Garros 2019 was certainly not one of these matches.

Rafael Nadal demolished Roger Federer in straight sets in a highly one-sided match.

There were some murmurs that this match was one of the most pressurizing matches for Rafa. This was because he felt he could not let himself lose against his arch-rival at what many consider his “home turf”.

What’s the truth behind these rumours? Rafael Nadal reveals to Lequipe.

Was Rafael Nadal Nervous Before His Match?

Rafael Nadal explained that it is untrue that he had any extra pressure for his match against Federer.

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“It was great to be able to face Federer at Roland Garros so many years after the last time (the 2011 final), but I never felt the obligation to win. I was convinced that I was playing well and that I was ready for this match. so there was real confidence that everything was going well. When someone is very confident, the pressure naturally fades away.”

The Spanish star confessed that the day was indeed special. “The wind was monstrous and the match had become complicated. Anyways, any match against Roger Federer requires maximum commitment”, opined Rafael Nadal.

What’s The Next Chapter In The Federer-Nadal Rivalry?

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There is nothing more that we can write on this rivalry that’s not already been written. It has dominated not just tennis, but the entire sporting landscape for the better part of the decade.

Now, the competition is about eternalising your name in the history books. Roger Federer has already been on the top of the mountain for a long time when it comes to grand slam victories. However, a hungrier and better than ever Rafael Nadal is breathing down his neck.

Can Roger Federer defend his record?

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