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Tom Brady Agrees a Two-year Contract Extension at the Age of 42

Tom Brady Agrees a Two-year Contract Extension at the Age of 42

Tom Brady

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady is reported to have agreed a contract extension with the New England Patriots. A day after he turned 42, Brady is said to have signed a new two year deal.

According to the NFL Network, the deal will pay Brady $70 million, and will take him through to the end of the 2021 season. And according to sportrac, the estimated career earnings of Brady is around $212 million.

Brady, who has many times expressed his desire to play till the age of 45, might no longer be at the peak stages of his career, but he is still one of the best players in the league. He was recently voted the sixth best player in the NFL and he led the Patriots to the NFL title in February, his second championship in three seasons.

His new contract reportedly makes him the sixth highest paid quarterback in the league, with Russell Wilson being the highest paid.

A few days back, Brady was asked about continuing to play for the Patriots, when the humour side of him came out.

“Have I earned [an extension]? I don’t know,” he jokingly told reporters. “That’s up for talk show debate. What do you guys think? Should we take a poll?

“I appreciate this team and the opportunity it gave me in 2000,” Brady said Wednesday. “I play for a great coach in Coach [Bill] Belichick, and [offensive coordinator] Josh [McDaniels] and I have a great working relationship. I love Mr. [Robert] Kraft and his family. We’ve had just incredible success. Hopefully we can keep it going,” he said.

The Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, before this year’s Super Bowl, had said that he expected Brady to be his quarterback in the near future. “I would be quite surprised if he didn’t continue for quite a while as our quarterback,” he had said.

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