Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bundchen Reveal Hilarious Secrets About Each Other in a TikTok Video

May 28, 2020 5:30 pm

Recently, Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen took to TikTok with a fun video involving a couples’ challenge. The Buccaneers Quarterback and his wife answered some questions about each other to reveal some hilarious secrets.

The challenge is a Q&A for couples and contains questions like “Who’s the most fun in the relationship?” or “Who works out more?”. Well, we all know the answer to the latter, or do we?

Brady and Gisele answered questions like “Who apologizes first after a fight?”, and turns out both think it isn’t the other. When asked “Who eats more”, the couple answered that it’s Gisele who does. Among the two, it’s Tom who is more spoilt and spends the most money.

The couple also thinks that it is the other who is more stubborn. There were contrasting opinions on who drives better too.

A Cute Twist between Tom Brady and Gisele

Throughout the video, a third hand can be seen pointing in the direction of the couple every time a question. It isn’t until the end of the video that we find out that this mysterious person is none other than the couple’s son Benjamin. The 10-year old’s guest appearance has taken the internet by charm. Benjamin pops up behind his parents to answer the last question – “Who is never wrong?” – by pointing at himself. Like Gisele says, “Benny always knows best!”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback, Tom Brady was keeping busy while social distancing by re-watching the 2017 Super Bowl where his former team, New England Patriots, won against the Atlant Falcon. He documented the re-watch on his social media stories writing, “I’m not crying, you’re crying“.

The 42-year-old also played golf for charity last weekend alongside Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and former NFL Quarterback, Peyton Manning. With the NFL season on halt due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, players are growing desperate to go out to the field again. Brady, however, seems to be enjoying spending quality time with his family.


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