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NFL: Tom Brady vs The Houston Texans

NFL: Tom Brady vs The Houston Texans

In the upcoming match, the Houston Texans need some proper strategies if they are to emerge successful. Their topmost priority for the team is to contain Tom Brady. The two teams have seemingly become regular foes over the past few weeks. However, the new Patriot coach, Brill O’Brien has made the rivalry to mostly become one-sided. The Houston Texans have suffered severely under the new management.

Houston Texans

One-sided rivalry

The New England Patriots have thrashed the Houston Texans in their last 6 encounters. This includes two victories in the last season. Their first victory was a 27-0 victory against them in the third week of the playoffs. This game featured their third-string quarterback, Jacoby Brisett. Their second victory against the team was a 34-16 victory that occurred in the divisional stage of the play-offs. It was this in that ended the season for the Huston Texans. This one-sided rivalry has a real effect on the betting odds for Texans v. Patriots game.

New England Patriots

The teams have played fairly frequently. This includes a preseason game and a joint practice. The New England Patriots coach, however, confessed that seeing the Texans had very little effect to preparing for them. He claimed that it had zero effect as to their preparation routine. He said that it did not really helped as they had not really beaten the team this year.


In the upcoming game, O’Brien is bent on starting with Tom Brady as the quarterback. The coach confessed that the player is an excellent quarterback. This was backed by a similar remark from the Patriot’s linebacker, Whitney Mercilus. Whitney said that Tom is an intelligent player that understands the game pretty well. He also understands all the schemes that other players from other teams try to do against him and knows how to combat them. He says that the player is intelligent because he has been at the game for so long and has gained so much experience that it is not a surprise that other players call him the GOAT.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Success in January

In the January Play-offs, the Houston Texans had some degree of success against Tom Brady. They managed to hold him back to 18-of-38 for the total of 287 yards. He only had two touchdowns and two interceptions. Tom had only managed to throw 2 interceptions in the 12 regular games of the season. To this Whitney says that he knows the Texans are expecting them to try the same tricks they did last year. But this will not stop them from trying.

D.J Reader on Tom Brady

On combating Tom Brady, the Nose tackle D.J Reader said that it would be very difficult to stop Tom Brady. However, if the team is seeking success they should keep some degree of pressure on the player. All their efforts should be tailored to forcing him out of play. He said that Tom Brady does not generally move around often so the best way to handle him is by putting pressure on him – forcing him to make plays. The Houston Texans know what Brady did in the 2nd week against the New Orleans Saints and know it will be a challenge to deal with him.


Coach O’Brien confesses that going up there and playing hard against the Patriots would definitely be a huge challenge. This is because the Patriots have an excellent team with some resilient players. However, the coach appreciates the long week that they have had so that the guys rest and get enough practice.

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