“Ton of Potential”: Tennis Legend Shows Interest in Coaching Nick Kyrgios

November 11, 2020 3:00 pm

The game of tennis is an individual sport, and therefore it becomes a great challenge for any coach. However, coaching the Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios might be the biggest challenge of it all. Recently on a podcast, the retired American tennis player James Blake shared his views on the subject.

Kyrgios has always been an eventful personality on and off the court. Because he has no coach, his game and his career has suffered a lot. Even though the 25 years old Australian is strongly against coaches, Blake picked him as his choice of an apprentice.

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“Nick Kyrgios could show tremendous improvement”: James Blake

Nick Kyrgios of Australia looks on during his Men’s Singles fourth-round match against Rafael Nadal of Spain on day eight of the 2020 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 27, 2020, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images)

Former World No. 4 James Blake is a key figure in the tennis industry. When asked if there was one player he would like to coach, he said, “Probably Nick Kyrgios.”

The American believes that coaching is a two-way street, where both must share a give and take relationship. A cornerstone in any undertaking in life is to address a problem and then be able to find a fitting solution. On that note, he said, “I always thought that the worst player you want to coach is someone that’s coached very well.”

Disregarding the challenges of coaching Kyrgios, Blake expressed the role of a coach in his eyes. “I would like to see as a coach, is someone maybe isn’t necessarily all reaching their potential. So, right now the person I feel the most that isn’t necessarily reaching their full potential, and there’s a possibility that they could show tremendous improvement is probably Nick Kyrgios,” he explained.

“Tons of potential, tons of opportunity”: Blake supports Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios of Australia (R) shakes hands with Rafael Nadal of Spain at the net following their Men’s Singles fourth round match on day eight of the 2020 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 27, 2020, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Jonathan DiMaggio/Getty Images)

Despite his sense of handling things, there is no doubt that the Australian is a fine tennis player. His powerful groundstrokes and energy are natural and adhesive and one of the best in business. Even after receiving constant appraisal for his massive potential, the 25 years old Nick doesn’t take it seriously. Look at him sway against the Big Four here.

Blake said, “And, I know that’s probably not someone that a lot of people saying, ‘Hey, let me line up to coach Nick Kyrgios’ because of all the history he had with, he’s antiques on the courts sometimes and off the court sometimes. But I do feel like that he’s someone that has tons of potential, tons of opportunity. So, that’s where you test your strength as a coach if you can do it.” 

There is no way to say that Nick Kyrgios will one day set foot on the court with a coach. But, in case he does, he might find the balance between life and tennis that he’s currently lacking with James Blake by his side.

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