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Toni Nadal Backs Gerard Pique for Davis Cup 2019

Toni Nadal Backs Gerard Pique for Davis Cup 2019

Rafael Nadal’s ex-coach and uncle Toni Nadal backs the revamped Davis Cup 2019 Finals promoted by F.C. Barcelona star Gerard Pique as he says that Pique has been brave to bet on Davis Cup and deserves our support.

In an interview with AS, Toni Nadal talked about the changes in the Davis Cup and explained that he likes the Davis Cup as he used to, but the event was unfeasible earlier and if something is broken, it must be fixed.

Toni Nadal

The 58-year-old also suggested that the best players had a hard time participating at the Davis Cup but this year, with the reluctance of some players (Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev) – who also defended their interests, there is almost everyone who participated at the Davis Cup 2019 Finals.

“I think everyone will end up coming. Piqué’s bet is very brave and deserves our support,” Toni Nadal further added.

Toni Nadal

“There are people clinging to the past, to a competition that we liked because the finals in Seville or the elimination of Las Ventas are among the best memories I have, but with the surface changes, it was difficult for the best come. I’d rather see the positive, the vast majority of things are being done well and will go to more,” Toni Nadal concluded.

Toni Nadal’s nephew and pupil Rafael Nadal led the Spanish Davis Cup team to the finals of the Davis Cup 2019 Finals after defeating Great Britain 2-1 in the semifinals at the Caja Magica stadium in Madrid on Saturday.

Spain will next face Canada in the finals of revamped Davis Cup 2019 and will aim to lift the trophy for the sixth time and first time since 2011 in front of its home crowd in Madrid. While Canada will aim to win their maiden Davis Cup title.

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