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Toni Nadal Reveals That He Does Not Give Coaching Advice to Rafael Nadal

Toni Nadal Reveals That He Does Not Give Coaching Advice to Rafael Nadal

World No.3, Rafael Nadal has been coached by his uncle, Toni Nadal for the majority of his career. He started to train Nadal at the professional level from 2005 before he stopped traveling with him at the end of 2017. However, Toni Nadal introduced his nephew to tennis when he was three years old.

Toni Nadal suggested in an interview that he has stopped giving advice to Rafael Nadal after the pair decided to part their ways in 2017. The Spaniard coach suggested that he does not talk professionally with Nadal as he has two coaches to guide him.

The 58-year-old said, “I speak to him playing golf, but in the professional topics, I do not say anything. Now he has two coaches.”

Toni Nadal also believes that his work is to manage the Rafa Nadal Academy and he currently is focusing on it. “I was his coach but I am not anymore. I run the Academy and I also give some speeches, but my work is especially to organize and run the Academy,” Toni added.

Rafael Nadal conquered 16 Grand Slam titles playing under Toni Nadal. He is the most successful coach in the history of tennis in terms of major titles. However, Toni believes that he is not the main reason why the 33-year-old has earned so much success over the years.

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“It’s very easy to do what I did and it’s very difficult to do what he did. He has all the credit. Winning any title is difficult. Being the best in anything is difficult in life,” the Mallorcan coach said.

Toni further praised the 18-time Grand slam champion and explained that he appreciates every win. “He (Rafael Nadal) appreciates the win as if it was the last or first one. When you stop appreciating what you do, you easily fall,” Toni concluded.

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