“Too Stressful” – Alexis Ohanian on Serena Williams vs Venus Williams

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The WTA Tour has finally returned and the event that is being played right now is the Top Seed Open. This tournament is being held for the first time ever and many players like Venus and Serena Williams have taken part in the event.

Seeing that the Williams’ sisters were participating, fans were hoping to see a match between them. They got their wish as they met in the second round and Serena won the match 3 sets.

Obviously, Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian was watching the match. And he has just revealed how it feels to be watching a match between the Williams’ sisters. Here’s what he said.

Serena Williams Vs Venus Williams

As you can see in the above tweet, Alexis Ohanian finds the Williams vs Williams matches very stressful. This is probably because he is very close to both of them and he doesn’t want anybody to lose. Unfortunately for him, he will probably have to deal with the stress again as they might meet again at the US Open.

Even though many players have pulled out of the event, both the Williams’ sisters have confirmed their participation. And they both have decided to take part in the tournament because they have the same goal – winning another Grand Slam.

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Ever since she returned in 2018, Serena Williams has been trying to win another Slam so that she can equal Magaret Court’s All-time record. She did manage to reach 4 finals but she sadly lost all of them. Now, she is going to be a lot more focused so she can win the US Open this year.

On the other hand, Venus is going to want to win another Grand Slam as she has not won one in a long time. Her last Major title came at the 2008 Wimbledon where she beat her sister in straight sets.

Clearly, both sisters have a lot of motivation to win the 2020 US Open. And we will have to wait till September 13th to see who ends up holding the title.

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