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TOP 10 Attacking Midfielders in modern day football

TOP 10 Attacking Midfielders in modern day football

Attacking Midfielder- He is one of the most important players in the squad of any club as he is the one, who has the responsibility of linking the play from the back line to the forward.They are responsible for dictating the flow of the game, to act as the string pullers and the engine for the team, along with being a potent attacking option for the team.

Here, we present to you our list of top 10 attacking midfielders in the world based on their performance last season.

10) Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany & Manchester United)

Schweinsteiger - Man Utd

The recently bought Manchester United star, is one of the best all rounders in world of soccer. Acclaimed as a warrior by his fellow team-mates, the 31-year-old is capable of setting the tempo of a game with his impressive passing repertoire; with the ability of shooting from a distance. It is not a coincidence that this youth product survived many managerial sackings and regular squad clear outs at the Allianz Arena, before making a move to United in July 2015. A true Bavarian indeed.

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