Top 10 Impressive Among Us Mods You Should Check Out

Published 11/25/2020, 1:01 PM EST

With its rising popularity during the global lockdown, Among Us caught the public eye quite often. In fact, the game got so popular that many developers tried their hand at creating different versions of the game. Some tried to create 3D versions of the game, while others switched up the characters and came up with impressive versions. Most of these mods are based on the map Skeld.


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Here, we bring to you the top 10 Among Us mods that will blow your mind away!

Thicc Mod of Among Us


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Created by YouTuber Caylus, this mod of the game stands out because of how the characters look. The description is exactly what the title suggests; the characters look ‘thicc’. Instead of the jetpack on their back, Caylus has given the characters very prominent butts, making it look quite funny.

Apart from this, not much has changed about the game. So, the only difference is that this version is visually hilarious.

100 Players in One Lobby

The gameplay is exactly what the name suggests; instead of 10 players in the game, there are 100. Many game developers had tried their hand at making this version of Among Us. However, the one that got the most popular was a version that MrBeast played and shared on his channel.

You can watch the full video here.

Fortnite Mod

Fortnite held the position of the most popular online game before Among Us came onto the scene. Therefore, Trimix saw it fit to combine the two and create a version of the game that was based on Fortnite.

The map is a Fortnite themed one, and Trimix went the extra mile and converted the lobby into a Fortnite themed one as well. This version is a big hit among fans who love both Fortnite and Among Us.

Minecraft Mod of Among Us

As the name suggests, this version of the popular party game is based on Minecraft. The map and the characters resemble those of Minecraft. The unique thing about this version is that the developer has also paid attention to the tasks within the game, which is something most ignore. Naturally, fans of the two games cannot wait to get their hands on this Minecraft mod.

Infected Mod

Inspired by the Infected mode of Call of Duty and Halo, YouTuber Socksfor1 created a version of Among Us. In this infected mode, crewmates cannot decipher the color of the dead body, making it difficult to understand which player is dead. Naturally, this spices things up a bit, making the game more interesting.

Sonic Mod of Among Us

If you are a fan of Sonic, this version is just for you! The developers made all the characters within the game look like Sonic characters, making the gameplay a lot more interesting for Sonic fans who play Among Us.


The creator of the “Thicc Mod”, Caylus, also created a GTA version of Among us. In this version, the characters are huge and look more 3D than the normal game. The map also seems more 3D, but Caylus did not make any other major changes.

Mario Mod

The developers at GameBanana catered to nostalgia and created a Mario version of Among Us. Although not 3D, the game looks quite cool, with the characters looking like Mario characters. In fact, after being killed, the spirit of the dead crewmate floats around the map, looking quite creepy.

Among Us in VR


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Wouldn’t it be fun to be an impostor and kill crewmates in virtual reality? Well, someone on VR Chat clearly thought so and developed a VR version of this party game. Furthermore, they even added a long-awaited feature within the game; voice chat! However, what’s best is that a VR set is not a requisite to play this version.

Brian Griffin Mod

This version is possibly the weirdest, yet funniest created mod of Among Us. The characters are just… Brian Griffin. Yes, that’s it. They’re all Brian Griffin. How can you distinguish the characters then? You’re going to have to focus on the color of the collars. Additionally, the spirit is just a child-looking character floating around the whole map.


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Do you know of any other noteworthy versions of the game? Let us know in the comments section!



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