Top 10 IPL Players with the Safest Hands

February 8, 2018 4:21 pm

In this span of 10 seasons from 2008 to 2017, the Indian Premier League has displayed a few mind boggling catches. Relying on those game changing grips by the players, here we have come up with the list of top ten best T20 players with their heart stopping catches in this era of IPL (2008-2016). Its a real pride for all Indians that apart from all these star foreigners, Indian stunner Suresh Raina has managed to grab the top stand in the table. Lets just walk through this expedition of such fascinating endeavours of players.

Suresh Raina:

Teams- CSK, GL

Span- 2008 to 2017

Matches- 157

Catches- 86

Maximum catches in a match- 3

AB de Villiers

Teams- DD, RCB

Span- 2008-2016

Matches- 127

Catches- 71

Maximum catches in a match- 3

Rohit Sharma

Teams- DC, MI

Span- 2008-2017

Matches- 152

Catches- 66

Maximum catches in a match- 3

Kieron Pollard

Teams- MI

Span- 2008-2017

Matches- 116

Catches- 66

Maximum catches in a match- 2

Dwayne Bravo

Teams- MI, CSK, GL

Span- 2008-2016

Matches- 106

Catches- 60

Maximum catches in a match- 3

Virat Kohli


Teams- RCB

Span- 2008-2017

Matches- 146

Catches- 58

Maximum catches in a match- 2

David Warner

Teams- DD, SRH

Span- 2009-2017

Matches- 109

Catches- 50

Maximum catches in a match- 4

Shikhar Dhawan

Teams- DC, DD, SRH, MI

Span- 2008-2017

Matches- 122

Catches- 48

Maximum catches in a match- 2

Manish Pandey

Teams- KKR, MI, PWI, RCB

Span- 2008-2017

Matches- 99

Catches- 47

Maximum catches in a match- 3

Murali Vijay

Teams– CSK, DD, KXIP

Span– 2008-2016

Matches- 100

Catches- 46

Maximum catches in a match- 2

Witnessing such endeavours in player’s account has been a major segment to expand the magic of IPL worldwide. In words of Tommy Henrick- “Catching a fly ball is a pleasure, but knowing what to do with it after you catch is a business”. Now, as we experienced a lot of it. it does indeed generate business with the hands of the above record achievers in the purview of griping the balls.

Ranojoy Middya

Belonging to the cohort of cricket fanatics, Ranojoy Middya is an assiduous cricketer who aspires to live life in purview of the cricketing world; penning his line of thinking at present and living up to it in the near future.

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