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Top 10 knocks by Non-Asian Batsmen in the Subcontinent

Top 10 knocks by Non-Asian Batsmen in the Subcontinent

Test cricket is not at all a child’s play and it requires enormous grit, passion and vigor to overcome the various obstacles and put up a fight especially when one is exposed to alien conditions. Asian batsmen often pry about the home advantage to their overseas counterparts but these overseas players also have their fair share of woes and problems while they’re exposed to the slow, dry and monotonous nature of Asian wickets. They are rather stereotyped as poor players of spin and often are uncomfortable against it as well as reverse swing bowling on some occasions. However, if one has a solid technique and a firm resolve to apply themselves on the crease then conditions hardly matter. Here’s a list of Non- Asian batsmen who have shown their mettle even on the Asian soil.

10. Kevin Pietersen( 186, Mumbai, 2012)

Kevin Pietersen 186 Mumbai
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Kevin Pietersen, who is well known for his charismatic style of batting, showed why he cannot be taken lightly at any cost by any opposition team, at any venue. Here is a classic example of his capabilities. India were very high on confidence as they had registered the win in the first test and were eager to grab their hold on the series by winning the second test. They started off well by posting a score of 327(courtesy a superb ton by Pujara) which was above par considering the extremely spin friendly conditions the pitch was offering. As England came to bat, they lost a couple of early wickets and one could sense a script similar to the first test was out there to be written again. But in comes Pietersen with his usual heroic swagger and decides to answer fire with fire by taking on the spinners themselves and in no time, a pitch which looked like a heaven for spinners turned into a living hell for them as they were smashed around the park effortlessly by this lad. Pietersen eventually notched up 186 runs and took England to a commanding position in the game as they scored 413 in that innings. England went on to win the match in the end comfortably by ten wickets thus regaining supremacy over the series.

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