Every F1 season is defined by certain moments, which tip the balance of the season one way or the other. Some might be positive revelations that show bright future prospects for a driver, or some are deciding factors in the title race. Here are the top 10 moments from the 2016 season.

10. Ferrari made good calls only at Abu Dhabi and Australia.

By the standards of a team like Ferrari, 2016 was a disaster. They managed to make good strategic calls in only 2 races, namely Australia and Abu Dhabi. The rest of the season was marred with a mix of bad strategy and faulty parts. Incidents like Canada made both Ferrari drivers sceptical of the calls made by the Ferrari pit wall at times.

Vettel at Australia had a good outing .
Vettel at Australia had a good outing .

At Australia, Ferrari were able to match the Mercedes team with pace, with Vettel even leading the race at one point. However, the Red Flag did disrupt their plans, as it allowed teams to return to the pit and work on their cars during that time. Mercedes changed their strategy, going onto the mediums for a longer second stint, which was initially not anticipated. While Kimi suffered a Turbo failure, Vettel did finish 3rd as he had to make another pit stop. The plus point was he was closing the gap to Lewis in the latter stages of the race.

At Abu Dhabi, all the focus was on the title battle. Ferrari opted for a longer second stint for Sebastian Vettel. When he did pit, he had a shorter 3rd stint on the faster, super soft compounds. He made short work of those who were in his way, and passed Max Verstappen (who was on older tyres). If he had a few more laps, he might have had the chance to pass Nico Rosberg as well. Sebastian was one of the key elements for Hamilton’s backing up strategy, but it did not succeed


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