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Top 10 Part Time Bowlers in the Modern Era

Top 10 Part Time Bowlers in the Modern Era

Cricket is a mind game. Overestimating and Underestimating both can land you in trouble be it batting or bowling and history has enough examples to validate this. We see tail enders performing even better than the best in the business quite frequently and same is true other way round. Part timers are employed frequently in modern day cricket either to pace up things or break crucial partnerships. They’re like SOS calls for captains falling short of ideas. So, one cannot simply keep them out of the game.

Here is a list of top 10 part time bowlers who have changed the game significantly by virtue of their street smartness.

Chris Gayle


Chris Gayle has been an extremely important player for the West Indies. Amidst his hard hitting cricket, his ability to bowl has often been neglected by everyone including the batsmen which has worked in his favor many a times. Whenever batsmen face him they tend to relax and put their guard down which makes him quite a tricky customer to handle. With 163 wickets in ODIs(at an average of 35.4 and economy of 4.75) Gayle is definitely makes it to this list. 

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