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Top 10 penalty takers in the Premier League

Top 10 penalty takers in the Premier League

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One might say taking a penalty is one of the easiest ways to score in football, but not everyone can score penalties easily,  because taking penalties requires skill which you aren’t born with.

A penalty is a huge mental battle too. The player taking the penalty is expected to score and if he doesn’t, in all likelihood, he  gets blamed for any bad result in the game. The pressure on the player is immense and it takes, both a strong mind and a strong body to execute the art of penalty-taking.

EssentiallySports has compiled a list of the Top 10 spot-kick takers in the Premier League currently.

10. Gareth Barry (Everton)


Although Barry is in the final frontier of his career, he has enjoyed a stellar Premier League journey, becoming one of the most respected players in the country. A reason for this is his Penalty-prowess. In the Premier League, Barry is right up there at 8th spot for most penalties taken (23), and has converted 18 of them.

Barry started his career, coming up the ranks at Aston Villa and spent 11 years there before moving to Manchester City, with whom Barry has won the Premier League and the FA Cup. He now plays for Everton forming a good partnership with James McCarthy. Although Leighton Baines is the first choice penalty taker at Everton, you can’t have a better backup than the left foot of Gareth Barry.

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