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Top 10 Players to Watch in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Top 10 Players to Watch in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us and every player is eager to bring their A-game. While some countries were unfortunate to miss out on a berth like Italy and Netherlands, it opened up chances for other countries to shine. Every nation competing in this year’s edition of the World Cup will have a few marquee players who will help elevate them.

Every FIFA World Cup, there are a certain set of players who have that X-factor in them. That X-factor is what will make all the difference in the end for their respective teams. So, here are 10 players to watch out for in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Romelu Lukaku

2018 FIFA World Cup
Romelu Lukaku

The Belgium team is brimming with talent necessary to win the World Cup. Their stars range from defense all the way through to attack. Also sticking to their side is valuable experience. Romelu Lukaku will be a key player to help them surpass their 2014 result.

Lukaku isn’t a big name player as compared to Eden Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne, Michy Batshuayi or other such players, but he is just as talented.

The Belgian had a strong debut season for Manchester United, scoring 27 goals in all competitions. But Lukaku’s value goes beyond his ability to find the net. He is adept at hold-up play and possession.

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