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Top 10 Players in Lower Ranked Teams

Top 10 Players in Lower Ranked Teams

The best players need not always belong to the traditional big clubs in world football. Herein we take a look at some of the up-and-coming potential stars of the future, and some established players loyal to the clubs that brought them into prominence, currently plying their trade in relatively lower-ranked teams:

10. Ross Barkley 

The Scouser has given pundits a lot to think about, with inevitable comparisons to Wayne Rooney galore. In an advanced midfield role, his quick, short-backlift passes are liable to thread the eye of a needle, and skilful, marauding runs have made him a more versatile player, usable on the wing if needed. The defensive side of his game still needs some work, though, but the Everton lad looks to be a bright prospect, hopefully for the Toffees’ long-term future.


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