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Top 10 Strikers in World Football

Top 10 Strikers in World Football

Strikers are known for their ability to shrug off defenders and to run into space along with having the understanding of positioning themselves in good goal-scoring positions where they can receive the ball and convert the chances. In football, at the end of the day, goals win matches, and strikers are the ones entrusted with bagging those goals Huge money is spent on these strikers although there are only a select few who deserve the hefty fees.

In this article we present to you our list of Top 10 strikers in the world.

10) Carlos Tevez- Boca Juniors


The Argentinian forward was one of the most important players for Juventus last season as he played an all-round role in the Old Lady’s path to the Champions League final and in securing the local double as the 31-year-old scored 20 goals and gave 9 assists in 29 appearances for the club.

However ‘El Apache’ has now moved back to his home country Argentina where he currently plays at Boca Juniors. His departure from the club was mainly due to him feeling homesick and it left a lot of Italian fans sad given the fact that the forward is still a world class player and could have offered more for their team.

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