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Top 10 Swing Bowlers in Modern Cricket

Top 10 Swing Bowlers in Modern Cricket

Top 10 Swing bowlers

Swing bowlers are known to rattle batsmen by virtue of their ability to move the ball vehemently in the air followed by late movement off the pitch as well. A swing bowler is also one of the most vital elements of any team, because apart from leg-spinners, only good swing bowlers possess the ability to create breakthroughs out of nowhere.

While it is an art difficult to master, it is also one which bears the best result. There are some maestros who’d make major inroads early on with the new ball and some who’d get wickets with a 33-34 over old ball and deceive with their ability to create an unusual rough on the ball to produce reverse swing.

Here is a compilation of the best swing bowlers in the modern era who have in major amounts, revolutionized the art and been vital cogs in their respective teams:

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