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Top 10 upsets of 2015

Top 10 upsets of 2015

The year 2015 witnessed some wondrous matches in which players gave their top notch performances. But there were some standout performances by ten players that took the tennis fans by surprise, an ultimate shock to those who placed their bets on their favourite player. Here we take a look at the top 10 upsets of the year.

1. Brown vs Nadal

Dustin Brown Rafael Nadal
Dustin Brown of Germany shakes hands with Rafael Nadal of Spain after winning their match at the Wimbledon

The 14 time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal and the 102 ranked Jamaican-German Dustin Brown stepped on to the court, and the crowd had their favourite decided. But who knew that the pumping urge of Nadal to progress ahead of the 4th round at Wimbledon, after having lost three consecutive early rounds, would shatter once again at the hands of the 30 year old.

Nadal seemed absolutely uncomfortable and Brown more in charge of the game from the get-go. The attacking style of Brown got the better of the Spaniard, and coming to the net often destroyed Nadal’s effective baseline play. To add to it, the crowd seemed restless too, perhaps adding more pressure to Nadal.

Dustin Brown has a dynamic personality, edgy look and feisty competitive spirit. Even John McEnroe and Andrew Castle speculated on how much Brown’s hair must weigh. Once you watch him, you either completely like him or don’t.

Pay great attention to the piece of information next. Brown won 71/99 serve and volley points. Highly respectable. “He was born for this moment,” said McEnroe of Brown, who capitalized every point with quick approach to end points, proving to be effective.

The loss to the 102nd-ranked Brown 7-5 3-6 6-4 6-4, was remarkably Nadal’s fourth-straight Wimbledon defeat to a player ranked in the triple digits.

Also, this is not the only time that the two players played each other. The last time they played in Halle, Brown emerged as the winner in straight sets.

Match Stats Dustin Brown Rafael Nadal
ACES 13 9

If this isn’t proof enough to the ‘epicness’ of the relatively unknown Dustin Brown, well then the figures on his twitter account, going by the twitter handle ‘@DreddyTennis’, will speak for itself where he gained over 40k followers right in the middle of the match.

‘‘Coming playing the first time on Centre Court. It was awkward. I thought I would freak out a bit. I don’t know if it was the match in Halle but being on the court with him made me feel comfortable. I have nothing to lose playing him’’ is how Brown described his win after the match.

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