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Top 11 Unsold Players and the Teams They Might have Landed In

Top 11 Unsold Players and the Teams They Might have Landed In

IPL : Indian Premier League

Someone has rightly said that “IPL auctions are the most tense moments for a cricketer. He may well choose not to play when the auctions are going on”. Such is the impact that IPL has managed to create in the cricketing world. It has come up as a stage which can fast track careers or go on to obliterate them for a long long time. And it’s not only India we are talking about, it has emerged as an event that determines directly on whether the player has got it in him to make it to the national side. And thus the anticipation and keenness is pretty obvious, because everyone wants a piece of the pie and imposing sums of money involved, the stakes cannot get higher. IPL biddings always remain as a moot point because of the preponderance of top quality internationals. The teams need to be prepared and have a clear idea of how they want their squad to look before taking on each other in the bidding. So in this edition of Essentially Sports we bring to you the top 11 players on whom the teams may have missed out on and how their presence could have bolstered their teams’ chances:

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