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Top 3 Roblox Horror Games to Make Your Halloween Better

Top 3 Roblox Horror Games to Make Your Halloween Better

Roblox is at the moment one of the premier gaming and game developing platforms. The platform features over 40 million games, mostly developed by users on the platform. It is a good practice ground for aspiring devs. As a result of this, the platform features a plethora of titles ranging from eccentric puzzles to fun rip-offs of popular titles. As we await Halloween, here are some titles on Roblox that will help make your Spooktober spookier.

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Horror games have been an extensive genre in the world of gaming, and it is no wonder that one will find dozens of games on the platform belonging to this genre. Well, some are Roblox versions of various popular titles, but each more fun than the last one.

3 Roblox horror games to make your Halloween better


This one is an obvious mention in this list. This game has a striking similarity to the recently released ghost-hunting game, Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia has become a huge phenomenon already and has even dominated Twitch for a while. Paranormica too involves investigating paranormal incidents with 4 teammates. It gets quite fun and really creepy.

Midnight Horrors

This is basically a survival horror game with investigative elements. Even though it features the block-based graphics of Roblox, this one can get quite scary. If jump scares are your poison, then this is just the game for you. However, just a heads up, you might face some difficulty starting the game. Perhaps devs will soon fix it.

Dead silence

Alright, this one is generally considered to be the scariest game on the platform. It is basically a story-based horror game that you can play either alone or with two teammates. We won’t spoil what it holds in store for you, but trust us when we say it has not earned the title of the scariest game on the platform for nothing.

These three games are enough to make your Halloween spookier than ever. Maybe keep the lights on in your room while you play?

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