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Top 5 All-Rounders to Watch Out for in T20 World Cup

Top 5 All-Rounders to Watch Out for in T20 World Cup

Glenn Maxwell

The cricketing world eagerly awaits the commencement of yet another edition of the shortest format of the cricket World Cup. It is a tournament which is special in its own ways, equally revered as the world cup but at the same time manages to bring in the thrills and jauntiness that can hold the crowd.

It is a stage where the conventional may not succeed, where the pre-planned tactics may count for nothing and where impossible may seem out of place. And when such a tournament is brought to the flat, turning Indian cuisine tracks, the run fiesta becomes much spicier.

In such high voltage games teams look for those game changers, a complete commodity, who can come in and give that 20 run difference to your overall score, who can bowl that 2 over spell and shift the momentum of the game, who save those crucial 10-15 runs for you on the field; overall you look for that impact bowler who fits everywhere and is not limited to any one speciality.

So in this edition of Essentially Sports, we bring to you, the top five all-rounders to watch out for, in the upcoming T20 World Cup:

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