Top 5 Battle Royale Games to Play During Lockdown

Published 05/02/2020, 10:03 PM EDT

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Battle Royale games are all the rage everywhere you look. Something about the concept just gets everyone licking their lips. Some like the ensuing chaos of a rain of bullets while others like to camp in a secluded spot until most are buried in the ground. I play it to ward off loneliness; what better way to win the battle against loneliness than to jump into a map with hundreds of others…and start killing them off one by one? I think home quarantine might be getting to me.

Battle Royale to Battle your Boredom

Jokes aside, you give battle Royale titles a go once, and you just keep going back to it. Most of us cannot wait to get our heads on that first victory. Once you do, though, you go back for even more. To rank as the winner from a pool of hundreds of players is, unsurprisingly, quite enticing and addictive.


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Most of us are forced to stay indoors as humanity fights the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t tried your hand at a title from this genre, now is as good a time as any.


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To help you out, we decided to list out our Top 5 Battle Royale games here. If you have a problem with my list, I will accept a challenge from you in my favorite BR title. But wait, that won’t work; I’ll be long dead before you ever find me on the map.

5. Cuisine Royale

Most games in this list are serious and carefully cultured to make a strategic BR game. Cuisine Royale is all about fun. If you’re looking for some BR action but also pure fun and chaos, look no further.

In most BR games there is an introductory phase where players jump out of airplanes or something to that effect. you make plans with your squad as to where you want to land on the map, where you’ll find the best loot and all such gameplans. In Cuisine Royale, you simply spawn on the ground, and all hell breaks loose instantly.

You can use common household items to your advantage(and disadvantage) too. Hold a lit cigar in your mouth to give yourself a bit of extra health, but beware the smoke will give away your position to your enemies. Grab a frying pan that deflects bullets, and use it to swat players’ heads too.

It’s a riot all right, and the best thing is, you don’t have to wait around for long to get started on a game. 30 players are enough for a game to kick-start too.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale did not take long to become a modern-day icon. It blurred the lines between gaming and mainstream entertainment. If PUBG was the pioneer of the BR genre, Fortnite took it to unprecedented heights. If this list’s primary metric was popularity, Fortnite would easily sit right on top.

It took the fundamentals of PUBG and made some quirky and innovative additions that simply catapulted it beyond even its inspiration. 

Featuring building mechanics, players can gather resources from the surrounding environment to allow them to build structures. You can build these structures to give yourself some protection, help your fallen comrades to recover, gain a vantage point, or simply just build for the fun of it! Not without its share of issues in recent times, Epic Games has faced the ire of many of its fans.

however, it has also made some grand strides in the community to keep itself very much relevant in this fast-paced world.

Just take a look at the recently concluded virtual concert by Travis Scott ‘Astronomical.’ 

3. Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment, the developers who brought us Titanfall, dropped a huge surprise on everyone when they launched Apex Legends in 2019. A free Battle Royale title, it took a different route than most other previous games in the genre. AL features a band of “Legends” with predetermined abilities that allow you to mix and match strengths with your other two squadmates(also features duos). Some really interesting abilities and characters hold your interest and determination.

Respawn keeps things fresh with the seasonal formula, bringing in new content with every passing season. With new legends, content, cosmetics, background stories, Apex Legends certainly keeps you interested.

Try it out, it is free to play and certainly worth your time.

2. Call of Duty Warzone

The most recent mainstream entry into the genre, Warzone was an instant and massive hit. It garnered over 50 million players within the first month of release. Other than the dedicated and loyal CoD fans, it also attracted many others because of what it offered- an arcade-style FPS Battle Royale.

The massive map and 150 player battleground make for a chaotic warzone indeed. Managing a win is an absolute dream every player is chasing, and it does not come easy at all. Infinity Ward’s maiden venture into the genre also has some unique features like Gulag and Bounty Contracts that simply add to the fun.

It will be a task to play the game if you don’t already have CoD Modern Warfare since it will require up to 100 GB of HDD without the parent game. However, it is definitely worth it. You jump into the warzone, and you’ll be hooked before you know it.

the developers have struggled to keep with the demands and expectations of its users at times, but one thing is for sure- they’re listening and are determined to do what they can to make the experience enjoyable. Sadly, for unskilled novices like me, hackers are a huge problem; and there’s no shortage of those in Warzone.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or simply PUBG, has to figure on the top spot when you’re listing out the Top 5 Battle Royale games. A game that relies more on a more realistic nature and mechanics than most others, it compels squads to strategize and survive until the end. If you do, you get the chicken dinner, and who doesn’t want that?


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Unfortunately, an overwhelming influx of hackers and issues has taken away from the brilliance of the title. Developers have been lax in recent times too.

Admittedly, it is no longer the joy-fest it was a while back, but it still remains the most influential title in the genre. Despite some of its very glaring issues, it still ranks as one of the most popular BR titles too.

But numbers aside, PUBG influenced an entire industry of Battle Royale games even though it was not really the first Battle Royale game. You could say it was the pioneer in what is today a billion-dollar industry.


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So there you go, our list of Top 5 battle Royale titles for you to enjoy during your stay at home. No doubt we have missed titles that rank among your favorites, but the sheer number of titles under this genre makes it impossible to cater to everyone. It doesn’t mean we won’t love to hear from you and reconsider. Make a compelling enough argument and my editors will probably raise their eyebrows at me.

Until then, I’ll be knee-deep in a warzone, striving towards that elusive maiden victory.


Written by:

Samir Satam


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