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Top 5 Bowling Partnerships in the Modern Era

Top 5 Bowling Partnerships in the Modern Era

Partnerships are looked upon as an essential part of modern day cricket, be it for batting or bowling. Gone are the days when a team could depend upon a single player to win the game for them. Bowling partnerships are as important as batting partnerships. It allows a team to have good coordination among the bowlers and apply pressure from both the ends of the 22yard pitch. Although, considering the batting-obsessed-viewership these days, these things are often neglected, but the bowlers play an important role in determining the outcome of the match.

Here’s a list of top 5 bowling partnerships in modern cricket.

Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie

When it comes to deadly fast bowling who can forget the name of these two gentlemen who used to send shivers down the batsmen’s spines whenever they came to bowl. In an era, when idea of defeating Australia was almost revolting, these two became the essential cogs of the Australian line up. They shared 170 wickets between them during a span of 47 tests with an impressive average of 23.02.

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