Top 5 Characters That Made Fortnite Great Again in 2020

Published 12/29/2020, 10:27 AM EST

The multiverse of Fortnite came into being when the zero point imploded at the end of Chapter 1, sending the Battle Royale island into obscurity. Inhabitants of the isle landed on a similar island, but it was not their own. They had apparently just journeyed through time and space into an alternate reality.


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This version of the island had similar vibes, but it also contained various mystical beings, authentic heroes, and powerful villains, all from various realities. The addition of these amazing characters and interesting story arcs brought Fortnite a step closer to its glory days.


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These characters truly made Fortnite legendary

Fans fought alongside everyone’s favorite Marvel Avengers against the mystical forces to prevent the island from falling into the wrong hands. Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest crossovers that made Fortnite one of the biggest games of the year.


Wolverine got teleported on the island in October, and like everyone else, he had lost his memory. He served as a boss in the game who was difficult to deal with but dropped amazing rewards if defeated. If a player somehow managed to kill him, he would drop the ‘Adamantium Claws’, turning the player into Wolverine himself.

This addition was borderline epic, and the clash with this titan truly matched the rewards, allowing players to unlock his exclusive skin from the Battle Pass.


This cosmic being has devoured many universes, and in season 4, he was headed towards the Fortnite island. He was after the zero-point energy source present on the island, and this enemy poised a far greater threat than any before him. His impending arrival was teased through the Marvel saga with the entry of Thor, who originally wanted to warn the inhabitants about this omnipotent being.

Thor, who had lost his memories after making contact, recovered it somehow and called forth the Avengers. It featured the entire star cast making its way to the island to fight alongside the denizens in the mega-successful ‘Fight Galactus’ event.

An unforgettable clash with the world eater became one of the biggest events ever hosted by Fortnite. Fans are surely going to remember it through the years as it also served as the finale for the entire ‘Marvel Saga’.



The return of Midas after the events of season 2 was truly golden. After being submerged in the ocean and seemingly getting eaten alive by a shark, his return seemed unlikely. Somehow, the mystical figure survived that attack and came back with an army of shadow forces in his tow. He was back to reclaim the island, but he was unaware of the looming threat Galactus posed.

He was far from his original self, trapped between life and shadow realm in a non-human form. Midas gave us one of the most interesting events of the year in ‘Fortnitemares’ that threw the players in an epic battle with a Kaiju-like monster. This was yet another epic event that only made the return of Midas memorable.


As part of the purchasable shop item, Fortnite introduced yet another fan-favorite character from the ‘God of War’ universe in Kratos. This legendary skin of the demi-god served as the first mega collaboration after the departure of Marvel heroes. PlayStation 5 owners were lucky enough to receive an exclusive special skin of this demi-god in this epic collaboration.

Kratos found his way onto the island through the zero-point and soon became the talk of the town. Fans tuned in to play as the Godkiller Kratos, which was an instant hit with the community. This created many legendary moments and unforgettable memes that will leave you in splits.


Continuing with collaborations with every major franchise in the world, Fortnite joined hands with the hit series ‘The Mandalorian’ from the Star Wars universe. This saw Baby Yoda and the legendary bounty hunter making their way into the ‘Battle Royale’ island.


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He served as an iron-wall world boss, present at the center of the map. If you bested him in a duel, he would drop you his mythical blaster or sniper rifle. It was a major hit with the fans, as the event gave them a chance to not just fight the bounty hunter but also claim his famous weapons for themselves.

Epic Games also inserted an elaborate series of challenges for the fans to unlock this amazing skin. Players were supposed to complete bounty challenges to unlock the original character skin along with an alternate style. The devs even added the legendary ‘Beskar armor’ in the game that fans can also unlock by completing the same bounty challenges.


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The addition of these characters into the game made it a major success throughout 2020, and the game shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Recently, Epic announced a collaboration with the famous TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ by introducing special skins for Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira).

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