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Top 5 of the Closest F1 Victories yet

Top 5 of the Closest F1 Victories yet

These days, F1 is becoming more about a single team’s domination. As a result, fans miss out on close duels or fights for the race victory. With multiple restrictions of fuel-saving , tire-saving, engine-saving, drivers are not motivated to push for those few extra points. Nevertheless, the sport’s history is so glorious, that it gives us another reason to fall in love with it. Here we present to you 5 of the closest F1 victories yet!

Closest F1 Victories

5. 1969 Italian Grand Prix

Stewart in front, taking the chequered flag Courtesy: espnf1.com

The 1969 Italian Grand Prix had four finishers within 0.19 seconds of each other at the older, faster Monza layout. Jackie Stewart took the victory by a mere 0.08s from Jochen Rindt. As a result, he secured the driver’s championship and also the constructor’s championship for his team Matra.

Jochen Rindt was on pole with Jackie Stewart starting third. Stewart had a great start and quickly took first place from Rindt on the first lap itself. The top seven were closely packed with only 3.5s seconds separating them.

The lead constantly swapped amongst the first seven until lap 23, when Stewart got back in the first position. Stewart’s team mate, Jean-Pierre Beltoise took second from Graham Hill after Hill’s car gave up on lap 64. Jochen Rindt and Bruce McLaren were close behind as well.

With a few laps left, every corner of every lap was crucial. One mistake by any of the top four would mean losing their place. Beltoise lead into the Parabolica which meant Stewart and Rindt could use his slipstream. As a result of which, Stewart was able to put his car ahead by a mere 0.08s while only 0.19s covered the first four.

It was a splendid and iconic race finish, probably the closest 1-2-3-4. The classic slipstream battle around the Parabolica always made Monza an amazing race.

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