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Top 5 tennis coaches who were once players themselves

Top 5 tennis coaches who were once players themselves

No matter how competitive a sport is, the guidance of a coach helps to channelize the strength in the right direction and bring out the best results. Following are the top tennis coaches that have not only had a respectable career of their own but, have helped revive the careers of players and giving them a boost.

Magnus Norman

The former Swedish player was the runner-up at the French Open in 2000 and achieved the highest ranking of 2 in 2001. He collaborated with the Swiss Stan Wawrinka in 2013. Norman has helped Wawrinka improve his quality of play and produced quick and effective results by helping him win his first ever Grand Slam at the 2014 Australian Open and 2015 French Open. He has strengthened the Swiss’ single handed backhand and the improved the tactics involved to construct points and overpower the opponent. Though becoming the best Swiss player is next to impossible, but Stan has managed to prove that he is more than the ‘second best player’ of the country, as he was mostly written off previously.

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