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Top 5 emotional moments of the game that left the fans in tears

Top 5 emotional moments of the game that left the fans in tears

The cricket world is no different from this materialistic world where one is refrained from his desires. Ever since the evolution of the game, tears rolled down the cheeks either due to utter disappointment or when ecstasy was evident due to unbounded joy. In this article, we bring the 5 of the recent emotional moments of the game that saw the fans bring out the tissues.

5. Bangladesh lose Asia Cup final by a whisker

Bangladesh, one of the top evolving sides of the current era has never failed to surprise the cricket world. After defeating India in 2007 world cup and shutting the doors for the neighbours, Bangladesh has shown remarkable improvement over the years. The 2012 Asia Cup witnessed an entry of a surprise element in the finals. The minnows Bangladesh could not have been complacent after their maiden appearance in the finals and they never appeared to be. After restricting Pakistan to 236/9 in their 50 overs, Bangladesh got off to a fine start and were merrily cruising towards victory. But what followed later was a nightmare for the hosts. From 170/4 they were left stranded at 234/8 only to lose by a mere 2 runs. Incessant tears from the Bangladesh Tigers was one of those emotional moments that will haunt them.

ngladesh loses to Pakistan in Asia cup final

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